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Popwhore Punk street the toys Toyz USA video vynil West Wow Blogroll chic today Colmilludo Cool Hunting Desing freak Drawn Fubiz Golfo! Hello DF Hi-res highsnobiety Kanye’s Blog Life lounge neublack Sicario The City Loves You Popwhore on Facebook The Works of the Popwhore Posted June 30, 2010 in Popwhore illustration 2003 cleveage covergirl darkie livingroomgirl sportwearlaunchposters thatssolastyear tvgod justice This is finally and update to all my work … it´s not even half of it, but i had to output some work. You can find the rest @ The Works of the Popwhore Johann Volkmer Posted July 13, 2010 in Motion 972051236778632 cams 247972051236778769 972051236778885 I saw this piece and i was blown away by the thinking behind it… It´s not an easy task to make a good “Stop-motion” clip, we all know that … Now incorporate some skateboarding and the task becomes really tough. Johann Volkmer pulled this of Flawlessly!! Enough talk … go to and check his work out. DAIM Posted June 30, 2010 in Graffiti Artist: DAIM | “Red Metal” | GelaSkins FineArt Print DEIM on brick DEIM – auf der Lauer DAIM – metal red Swinging DAIM Identität DAIM – coming out DEIM – wartend DAIM around WOW… I really got a thing for 3D Graffitti and Daim is got to be the TOP GUN at painting some vixenvrgraffitti in 3D. Just take a look at his work and you´ll see shapes and forms popping it from of you. And the colors man!!! HE IS GOOD!! Remo/Rory Timelapse Posted June 29, 2010 in Street Art This great video comes in bilatinmen from twitter ( ) A very cool timelapse from an amazing collab @RemoCamero @RoryDoona I love every second of it !! I Am Back Baby!! Posted June 24, 2010 in WTF!! I just came back from some nice vacations !! Am in a life changing period. Am happy and i will start posting on a regular basis. See ya around!! Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas) Posted June 16, 2010 in Fun Am laughing as a 4 year old. Sorry i haven´t posted recently… The stressful Advertising life is about to be over. Basically it has consumed mi time/life the last 6 months. Am gonna be posting daily so watch out!! This Is Good Stuff Posted May 28, 2010 in Wow Damn!! i missed last nite´s game but this my friends… this is EPIC!!! I love them Lakers! TIXINDA+SARUKAKU Posted May 24, 2010 in Vynil toyz 1302441274064828 1302441274064898 1302441274065474 1302441274065505 1302441274065526 tixindaaaaas Wow !!! My good friend from Tixinda are going crazy with their XAGU figure man!! They just collaborated with Artist SARUKAKU to customize some Xagus and the results were amazing! They also redesigned their Website and blog make sure you check them out at webcam strip PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy Posted May 24, 2010 in Street Art My man PaperMonster is having his solo show titled “PaperMonster AteThat Little Boy” Opening Friday, July 2 at Vincent Michael Gallerylocated in Philadelphia, PA. Go and say hi if you happen to be in Philly. The show looks awesome!! Graffititechnica Posted May 24, 2010 in Street Art 3d_graffiti_deleted_front 3d_graffiti_images 3d_graffiti_ironlak_front 3d_graffiti_killerbits_mecha_front 3d_graffiti_pulse_front 3d_graffiti_raid timsuck3d_graffiti_rapid_prototyping_3d_printer_01 3d_graffiti_repeat 3d_graffiti_technica_prime_black_metal Damn !! The are some really cool 3d graffti over at Graffititechnica “Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3d graffiti.” Pretty Dope uh?!! go to and check`em out Nike – Write The Future Posted May 20, 2010 in Ads Nike knows how to make them commercials!! AMAZING!! Amsterdam Osdorp Posted May 12, 2010 in Motion, girlsdeltaarchitecture it’s crazy good!! props to the makers +1 for sending me this beauty “Restructuring urbanized areas isn’t all about aesthetics. That is why we chose to put emphasis on the architects and especially it’s inhabitants and the surrounding of the buildings. To achieve this, we decided to combine live action video with 2D- and 3D-animation. Herewith we were able to complement reality with our interpretation of the most important factors of restructuring urbanized areas.” WOW!!!

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